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Singer/songwriter, Gary Lee Kirkpatrick, has a new album, “One Night Stand.” A combination of traditional and modern country music. The end result is a style of musical story telling that is refreshingly new and yet comfortably familiar.

Working with some of Country’s top session players, this ten song album was recorded in Nashville, at Merit Studios, and engineered by multi-Grammy award winner, Tom Pick and produced by Hubert “Hoot” Hester. Gary Lee’s creative lyrics and strong country vocals bring his music to life with each song. His vocals soar on love songs like, “You Don’t Know How I Feel” and “Good Time Souvenirs.” These tracks, combined with high energy songs like, “Whitewater” and “Nobody’s Hero,“ highlight Gary Lee’s versatile vocal range and ability to tell a good story.

Gary Lee writes from his heart and life-experience, and nowhere is this more evident than in the love song, “You’re Gonna Miss Me.

When you're turning out the lights you'll see a shadow where I used to be you'll hear my voice but it's just the evening summer breezethat sends a chill right to the boneyou're gonna miss me when I'm gone.

He records in Nashville, with some of the best musicians in the country. He’s also performed at shows and festivals throughout the US and has had extensive airplay in Europe—where several of his songs have won special achievement awards from Billboard Magazine.

Kirkpatrick was motivated early on by his musical family, that played and sang country and gospel music in church and on live radio stations throughout the South. Born in rural Southern Illinois, he spent much of his childhood in East Texas, where his early musical influences varied, ranging from the Texas swing sounds of Bob Wills to the lyrical genius of Hank Williams, Sr. and Bob Dylan.

Gary Lee’s experience has given him enough insight to be his own person and follow his own style—making him a thrilling addition to the field of Country Music.

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One Night Stand

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